Most of the gyms include number Nine (9) in their gym name. What is the significance and importance of number Nine (9) in gym name.

It goes back to the Numerology. As per the numrology 9 characterises:

  1. Extremely Active
  2. Competitive 
  3. Artistic
  4. Strong Determined
  5. Fiery and explosive

Let’s look at each character and how it relates to gym.

  1. Extremely Active: People at the gym are very active and attentive ll the time. Even the lazy people who come to gym will become active with the souds system in the gym, the well looking body of someone or the trainer they get motivated and their mind will immediately turn into active state.
  2. Competitive: It’s obvious to have a competitive mindset in the gym. Especially if you are going with your parter there is a definite competitive in it. He/she gets the enthusiasm to do more as compared to the guy next.
  3. Artistic: Gym is the place where we articulate our body over period of time. Gym is the place where the body sculptures are born. No other fitness can give artisitic body. For example if you want to have clear cut muscles one have to lift weights, it’s the gym ONLY place we lift weights.
  4. Strong Determined: To achive the artistic body one has to be determined to achive. This strong attitude come out of the gym environment naturally. Strong minds wil reach height of success.
  5. Fiery and explosive: If you want to do that one more extra pumping you need to be fiery and explosive. We often here one more…one…it…just one..more…These are the inbuilt in gym environment

Number 9 is a warrior spirit. The who believes in astrology would know that 9 is rules by Planet Mars which is the planet of heat and fire.

What is your gym name? Comment below and tell why you kept 9 in your gym name?