There are many smart devices available in the market to track day to day activities of our body. Those devices only capable of tracking steps, or calories counter etc.

What if we have a device that also tell us at-least 100% but approximate result just to make sure that there is no emergency in near future. Due to lock-down many people are doing work from home. Due to this there is a threat of increase of fat which leads obesity. Water consumption has also taken great dip, which may cause to de-hydration.

Hesley a smart weighing scale device that can be configured wiht our bluetooth and which tell you many important measurements of our body. such as

  1. Weight
  2. BMI
  3. Musle Rate
  4. Body Water
  5. Bone Mass
  6. Protein Rate
  7. Metabolic Age
  8. Visceral fat
  9. Fat mass
  10. Muscle Mass etc.

The cost is also not much high available at reasonable rate.