The Mirror is a new innovative gadget for personal workout or for a private gym/studio. It’s an AI based mirror when it’s off works like a normal mirror and when it’s on the whole gym/studio lessons right in-front of your eyes. With the help of thousands of classes to choose from, one can exercise right in-front which will guide and rate the way you do exercise.

  1. It’s slim and sleek design that can just be hanged to any wall
  2. Large display will fit the person’s entire body into the frame which helps AI to analyse each and every move
  3. Heart rate monitor to track the calorie burn
  4. Custom music will allow to listen to your own music
  5. It just eliminates the crowded gyms and costly gyms.

Pricing :

$1,495 for the mirror

$39 Monthly membership to access classes

Check out Mirror for more details.

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