In this post we will see, the food contains nutrients that is essential for the growth and maintenance of a healthy body. Major nutrients in our food are carbohydrates proteins fats vitamins and minerals. Our food also contains roughage and water which are required by our body.


Carbohydrates are energy giving nutrients. The main carbohydrates found in our food are in the form of sugar and starch.

Cereals like rice wheat maize etc contain carbohydrates. Food like chapatis bread and idly made of wheat and rice are rich in carbohydrates.


Proteins help to build muscles, grow and repair our tissues.  They are also called body building foods.

Foods like milk, eggs, cheese, fish, meat beans and pulses are protein giving foods.


Fats are also energy giving foods. They give us more energy than carbohydrates.Fats help us to keep our body warm.

ghee, cooking oils and nutslike nuts, peanuts etc. arerichinfats.

Fats are not necessarily bad for the body. Adequate amount of fats provide warmth to the body. However, too much fats lead to obesity.

Vitamins and Minerals

All fruits like apple, banana, orange, pomegranate, kiwi, etc. and vegetables like green leafy vegetables, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. provide us with nutrients called vitamins and minerals. Oranges, amla, tomatoes, guava contain Vitamin C.

Theyhelpour body to fight against diseases. Hence, they are known as protective nutrients.

Vitamins protect our body from diseases and keep it healthy. Minerals makes our teeth and bones stronger and help to improve the quality of blood in our body

Milk and milk products are rich in calcium green leafy vegetables like spinach and fruits like apple are rich in iron.


The undigested food called roughages or fibre.

Roughage prevents constipation. It absorbs water and help in the movement of food in the digestive system.

They do not provide any nutrients to our body but play an essential role in maintaining healthy diet.

It is mainly provided by the plant products in our foods.

Grains like oats, chia seeds, soybeans etc. and pulses, potatoes, skin of fruits like figs,

Chia plums and vegetables contain fibres.

Water 💧

To stay healthy, our body also needs sufficient amount of water.

Water helps us to digest our food and remove waste from the body. It is also helpful to the body to absorb the nutrients properly. Water also helps to maintain a constant temperature in the body. You know that water makes up nearly 70% of our body weight. Some water is lost from the body every day either through sweat or urine. To replenish this water, we must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Many foods themselves contain water such as lemon 🍋 and tomatoes. 🍅

To cut short our body needs to have equal amounts of all these nutrients in our daily meals to keep our body and mind healthy.

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