Have you got a software that send bulk WhatsApp messages to your clients especially festival offers and wishes to your gym clients? Then you phone may in trouble.

Recently Facebook which owns WhatsApp has blocked over 20 Lakhs Indian Phone numbers due to authorised usage of automatic system. As per WhatsApp you can’t use WhatsApp to send BulkWhatsApp Messages, it is meant only for personal usage.

May WhatsApp Softwares claim that increase the frequency of sending message to 30 Seconds to 1 minute. Do remember that Facebook has enough technology or capability to advance it to find out who you are and what you do each and every message. Facebook can easily find this out and block your Phone number.

As per whatsapp you can only send message to a client ONLY after they accept your invitation to send messages. That too only transaction or payment related or service related not BULK POSTINGS.

If you are using any WhatsApp Software with business account, our recommendations is immediately stop, otherwise you number may be in the next WhatsApp Block list numbers.

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