Let’s us understand what is SMS SenderID or SMS Title.

SenderID or SMS Title is the 6 letter unique code which must be approved by the Indian Government. It’s the same code which you see normally when we receive any message from any business not from any one’s personal number. It looks something like this.


SBI Credit Card – JX-SBICRD


Note that the there are some extra character with hipen (-) which is not related to us we don’t need to bother about that. All we need to decide is 6 characters after the hiphen (-).

Let’s Say you own a gym name such as “Power Gym”. Hence, you can have a SenderID or SMS Title like PWRGYM. Now we will look at the process to get thisSenderID or SMS Title.

  1. DLT Registration: It’s mandatory to have DLT registration. There are providers such as Videocon, Vodafone, Jio, Airtel, BSNL etc. Either you can approach them manually or you can approach any SMS Gateway providers and they will do it for you.
  2. Documentation: Yes there is a documentation and involved. Any Indian Government business registration such as Sole Proprietor, Partnership Firm, or Pvt Ltd etc should match the Business name and the Sender ID or SMS Title. DLT may reject your application if you applier for sender ID or SMS Title as PWRGYM and your business name is “John Fitness Pvt Ltd”. You need to show some proof that your business “John Fitness Pvt Ltd” owner the brand Power Gym.
  3. Charges: Yes there are charges involved, you need to sit and discuss with the provider.
  4. Time: This process may take from 1 week to 15 days, and some time more. If there is any lock down or some other holiday season.
  5. Unique: It you are lucky enough and got your Sender ID or SMS Title, and no other can claim the same same Sender ID or SMS Title. Similarly, if anyone already got the Sender ID or SMS Title which you requested for and mostly they will reject and ask to choose some other Sender ID or SMS Title.

DLT Registration is not so complex, it looks but once in a life time. Having our own Sender ID or SMS Title on our business or brand name will definitely increase our brand awareness and it shows authenticity.

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