In Every Gym business client management, efficiency and clarity are key to maintaining healthy business operations. To help streamline and strengthen the management of client relationships, APPTOFIT is excited to announce a new software feature designed to improve how businesses handle problematic clients:The Blacklist system 

What is The Blacklist System?

The new Blacklist system introduces two distinct levels of client status warnings: Blacklist Warning and Blacklist Completely. These statuses can only be assigned by an admin, ensuring that the decision to blacklist a client is deliberate and controlled.

1. Blacklist Warning

When a client is tagged with a Blacklist Warning:

  • The client’s page background changes to orange, providing a clear visual cue to all employees that the client is under scrutiny.
  • This status does not restrict the client’s ability to renew services. It serves as an internal alert to exercise caution when dealing with the client, allowing the business to monitor their activities more closely.

2. Blacklist Completely

When a client is marked as Blacklist Completely:

  • The client’s page background changes to red, making it unmistakably clear that this client is not in good standing.
  • This status restricts the client’s ability to renew any services, effectively halting their interactions with your business until further notice.

Benefits of the Blacklist System

Enhanced Risk Management

By categorizing clients with a warning or a complete blacklist, your business can better manage potential risks. The visual cues (orange and red backgrounds) provide immediate context to employees, ensuring that everyone is aware of the client’s status and can act accordingly.

Improved Internal Communication

This feature enhances internal communication by providing a straightforward method for admins to signal concerns about specific clients. Employees can quickly understand the gravity of the situation based on the background color of the client’s page, reducing the chances of miscommunication or oversight.

Controlled Client Interaction

With the ability to restrict client renewals through the Blacklist Completely status, your business gains greater control over which clients can continue to engage with your services. This can protect your business from clients who have repeatedly failed to meet their obligations or have caused significant issues.

How It Works

  1. Admin Access: Only admins have the authority to tag clients with either blacklist status, ensuring that this power is used judiciously and appropriately.
  2. Assigning a Status: Through the admin dashboard, a client can be tagged with either a Blacklist Warning or Blacklist Completely status.
  3. Employee Notification: Once tagged, all employees will see the client’s page background change (orange for warning, red for complete blacklist) whenever they access the client’s information.
  4. Operational Restrictions: Clients with a Blacklist Completely status will not be able to renew their services, while those with a Blacklist Warning can continue to renew but with heightened awareness from your team.

APPTOFIT’s new Blacklist feature is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to enhance their client management processes. By providing clear visual indicators and the ability to restrict renewals for problematic clients, this feature helps protect your business and ensures smoother operations.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. For detailed instructions on how to use the Blacklist feature, please refer to our user guide or contact our support team.

Experience the new Blacklist system today and take control of your client management with APPTOFIT!