Gym is a physical and large space where-in it’s not easy for an owner to handle the security by himself. Many times gym owners aren’t part of the gym physically, they employ someone to take care of da-to-day operations.

When an employee is hired, it’s the responsibility of the gym owner to have proper security measures in place so that they can avoid un-necessary security issues.

Below are top 3 priority security measure one should take care in the owner’s absence.

1. Restrict un-authorized entry

Gym is a public place and a private place. A gym try should be planned in a such a way that, public or any one can come to gym till the reception area. There should be another entry where-in only gym members with valid gym membership are allowed. If a visitor want to visit the gym floor, he/she should be accompanied by any of the gym officials. There are many cost effective bio-metric devices with fingerprint, face-detection, hand detection are available in the market should be installed at the inner entrance so that only valid members are allowed in-side the gym floor. One must make sure that these devices should be compatible with the software application which they use for the gym management.

2. Securing client data from theft

If your gym is using any software application, you must read the terms and conditions of the software provider, to know how he uses your client data. Also, it is highly recommended when using software application, owner should keep the superpowers such as delete, export and revenue access and must create another login with limited software access permission and must be shared with receptionist or the floor manager. Due to negligence or lack of knowledge gym owners share their credentials with the employees and they can export the client data in an excel and share with other gyms in exchange of some money, which is very dangerous threat to gym owners.

3. Watching floor from away

One must install security cameras through out the floor and owner should have access the cameras from their mobile. This will ensure the employee or staff be alert all time that the owner has an eye, and second if anything happens on the floor this will help as a proof of recording. Especially female clients security is most essentially especially in early mornings and late night workout sessions.

Apart from the above there are many other security issues such as theft of cash from the draw, small items such pressing balls etc, can easily be taken, tail-gate entry which is nothing but one authorises the entry and behind him/her another un authorised person makes entry before door closes.

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