This video demonstrates how to record your client transformation pictures.

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APPTOFIT is a gym management software that helps you manage your gym easily and access anytime and anywhere.

The real success of any gym is when the client get their desired results. May be weight loss, or weight gain, or muscle body depending on the client requirement, which is called transformation.

When a gym achieves this transformation it itself becomes marketing and becomes a valuable brand. Somewhere the gym needs to capture this transformation picture and keep it ready when a new client visits the gym.

We as an APPTOFIT, always try to update the features time to time. Here is how you can record your client transformation picture:

Steps to upload:
1. Login into your account
2. Go to People then Clients then choose the client for which you want to capture.
3. Choose Transformation picture
4. Give date, and choose picture
5. Upload

To View as a gallery:
1. Login into your account
2. Go to More then Gallery
3. Click on the image and it will be viewed as a image gallery slide show.

Thant’s it!

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